Role of Page Strength in Search Engines Rankings

i have couple of experience from last two weeks which leave me in deep thinking about page strength and search engine rankings. I had an article on of the hotel in Mauritius on my website from last six to seven month and i thought i should share this hotel information with different social media website for no intension for ranking, to be honest to just keep my self active in social media.

What is Page Strength?—–is it Domain Trust and Authority?

Page strength uses data from Google, Yahoo, and Technorati, using their current data, looking at the number of current links, and current listings. This is where page strength has more value than PageRank, simply because page strength is based on current links, and current data. If you are paying attention you see this happening every day. You update your website, post a new article, and all the major search engines have that information available withing 48 hours as results for a search term. I will give you an example; I posted a youtube chess video the other day (April 15th) on my chess site and two days later (April 17th) I was first page for the search term ‘youtube chess video’ with two listings. So you see, a page which has yet to gain a page rank can still have page strength, thus ranking higher in search results. Now how often have you seen that and wondered, ‘how can this be?’ Well, now you have the answer.

Don’t get me wrong here, I want a high PR just as much as the next person. PR does play a part in determining search result, however, the focus here is to reevaluate the importance of Page Rank by thinking rationally about how search results are actually determined in the first place. Don’t place your hope solely on a higher PR but rather see the big picture as a whole, and perform your SEO techniques with a broader understanding of page strength and the true value of Page Rank in determining search results.

A week ago i was analyzing my website state and i was wonder to see that i got quite fair amount of hits. i went in yahoo search and type that keywords and surprise to see my digg articles on first page, even though that was not full article, then i though this must be due to same website factor. I start searching for different unknown things about SEO rankings. Then i come across some article on SEOMOZ about page strength.

To ME this is only due to high page strength that digg is on top with just 1/4 part of my articles and my own website is not top even with full articles. What is page strength i am not full sure exactly but one thing i know it consist of so many factor of on-page and off-page optimization, which factor has more value i do not know? but to me it is very much clear now that page strength is very important factor in natural search engines rankings. Hope this will help you

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  1. Rhea on May 14, 2008 at 8:55 am

    Hey. Thanks for this post. I’m not active with SEO but it seems that there’s this big mystery about it. In the end, I think it comes down to providing value, people like it, and so they talk or link back to it.